The box office, concession counter and record counter open one hour before each concert when the doors open and during intermission. For your convenience, both the box office and record counter remain open for five minutes after each concert. Concessions close after intermission.


The room that generally serves as storage for the Barton console also doubles as a tiny museum of photos and artifacts from Lansing area movie theatres, primarily the Strand/Michigan Theatre. Open for inspection only before the concerts and at intermission, the room contains such artifacts as original 1921 wall damask from the Michigan and Art Deco carpeting from the Gladmer, both formerly in downtown Lansing. More items have been located and placed in the museum since last season. Please ask for assistance at concessions or the record counter if the doors are locked. Don't miss a viewing of the world's smallest theatre museum!


If you're tired of calling and getting electronic phone systems that give you anything but a real person, take heart! We're tired of them, too, and so you can now just pick up the phone and reach a real person in our office and avoid all of that hassle. If you've got a problem with tickets, need directions or just have a question, just call us at: 517-882-5115 and we'll be happy to take care of you.


Our Mix 'N Match program allows you to buy four tickets for any of the concerts or films in any combination - all for the price of one season ticket! All you have to do is to indicate which concerts you wish to attend and how many tickets you want for each on the order form to take advantage of this offer! Please note that this offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional ticket offers for the current season, and is available only through the L.T.O. post office box.

Any groups of ten or more purchasing tickets for a single-event may receive a 20% discount overall. To be eligible for the group discount, fill out the ticket form as you would normally, add up the amount, subtract 20% and mail us one check covering the entire amount with the order form. All promotional ticket offers are available only through the L.T.O. post office box.


It's no secret that the arts are feeling the squeeze, financially speaking, and it doesn't look like anything's going to change soon. Like everyone else in the business, ticket sales do not completely cover all the costs associated with the production of Riverside Pops events. Therefore, since we do not rely upon grants or a single, large donor, we must supplement with other income derived from donations and fundraising events. Your support is needed and hereby solicited. Please help out as you are able!


The Opera House organ is available for weddings, receptions, private concerts and film showings. Our comprehensive staff of organists stands ready to enhance your event, each in their own unique way. Their vast experience helps you to decide what best suits your particular event. Write or E-mail us for details, or call us at 517-882-5115.