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If you're tired of calling and getting electronic phone systems that give you anything but a real person, take heart! We're tired of them, too, and so you can now just pick up the phone and reach a real person in our office and avoid all of that hassle. If you've got a problem with tickets, need directions or just have a question, just call us at: 517-882-5115 and we'll be happy to take care of you.


Any questions or comments you have are welcome, whether by conventional mail (P.O. Box 26154, Lansing, MI 48909) or by sending an E-mail via this form. For those on our mailing list, a reminder of upcoming events is mailed shortly before each event. For those with E-mail, we save the stamp and printing by sending out those reminders via that method. If you have E-mail, please help us by including your address on the ticket order form. Please also advise us of any change in land or Email addresses.